Our business is dedicated to helping companies transform themselves into sales-driven organizations. Not just by increasing short-term sales revenues, but by putting the systems and practices in place to sustain performance over time.

Hear what our clients are saying about the 200% difference

  • "Heidi provided insightful leadership to our team. She is extremely skilled in business development, pipeline management, staff development and business analytics. Heidi worked extremely hard at ensuring every region within the organization and her sales team, consistently exceeded sales goals. She is exceptionally qualified for sales leadership positions."

    Lackluster sales program refocused into a growth driven industry leader

  • "Sales revenue grew from $50,000 in its first year (prior to our engagement) to $500,000 in the year during and immediately following our engagement. By following our recommendations, this company was able to sharply improve its sales performance- so much so that it secured its mezzanine funding from the University of Maryland as a result of its growth trajectory."

    Biotech start-up makes critical pivot to achieve success!

  • "The 200% Company assisted in our efforts to rethink and revitalize our entire approach to sales. They helped us identify and hire a new Executive Staff and redeploy existing resources. Our entire company has been completely and positively refocused as a result of their efforts."

    Hire the right team to transform a business model

  • "Within one year, the Company had acquired 9 new major pharmaceutical company clients, annual revenue more than doubled, from 3 million to nearly $7M. Employees went from 10 to almost 30. Within three years, the owner sold the business for over $25M."

    Annual revenues double in just one year

  • "The 200% Company team made sense of the discipline known as Selling for our company by helping us build structured processes using simple but effective concepts. The sales process is just that a process that required our company to think differently and adopt new behaviors that would foster an environment for success."

    New processes boost sales and build a foundation for growth

We help companies achieve fast, consistent, lasting growth

Drive higher sales and win more new clients. Improve customer retention and increase productivity and performance with the 200% Company.