Pharmaceutical Market Research

Annual revenues double in just one year

A boutique consulting firm, serving major pharmaceutical companies, was curious to see how a formal growth platform could help the company reach new clients and aggressively grow revenue.

Our lead consultant took on the role of VP of Business Development in order to build a successful growth initiative from the ground up. Within one year, the Company had acquired nine new major pharmaceutical company clients, annual revenue more than doubled, from $3MM to nearly $7MM. Employees went from 10 to almost 30. Within three years, the owner sold the business for over $25MM.

The first year of unplanned growth was destabilizing, but it did convince the owner to invest in a sustainable sales program. In the second year, two additional salespeople joined the team. We implemented a 3-year scalable sales plan to guide the business toward the owner’s eventual exit strategy.

The Challenge

A boutique consulting firm had only a handful of major pharmaceutical clients and suddenly lost its largest client. There was no salesperson or sales process in place to replace the lost revenue, only the CEO's reputation to attract new business. The CEO hired our lead consultant to establish an independent, repeatable sales process that would accelerate new client acquisition and reduce the Company's dependence on any single client.

The Solution

The 200% Company's lead consultant took on the role of VP of Business Development, building a successful growth initiative from the ground up.

In this role, we demonstrated that we could successfully penetrate an unfamiliar industry using our applied model of selling to national accounts, renewing past client relationships, and leveraging referrals to open new sales opportunities. We formed partnerships with PhD staffers, who identified as "reluctant sales people;" they did not want the responsibility of growing revenue. With this in mind, we developed a system for double-teaming first appointments, which allowed our consultant to transition into managing the sales process while showcasing the subject matter expertise of the PhD staff.

The 200% Company introduced a proprietary model for scaling growth, including navigating a complex buying process, creating new sales messaging, and developing sales materials.

We steered the process of increasing the sales intelligence of the organization, which had been antagonistic toward the idea of a sales growth initiative. In doing so, we enhanced stakeholders' understanding of the sales process and addressed their fears and anxiety around the change in focus and strategy.

Lastly, we hired top salespeople to model the sales process that we pioneered, expanding the Company's sales capacity and accelerating new business revenue.

The 200% Result

Our sales consultant tripled the first year sales target. Within one year, the Company acquired nine new major pharmaceutical company clients. Annual revenue more than doubled, from $3 million to nearly $7M. Employee count grew from 11 to 28. The owner achieved his dream of an exit within three years, selling the business for over $25M.

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