Make a Plan

Where do you want your business to go next? We’ll take your vision for growth and put it into action with a scalable sales plan that guides the sales buildout process. The foundation starts by applying our 4P model to measure your Company”s capacity for growth. We’ll apply the 200% formula to evaluate how well your People, Product, Process and Prospects work together to drive growth. We’ll establish a staffing and production plan that works with your budget, time frame, and organizational resources.


Take the guesswork out of sales production. Our proprietary 200% Company Resource Calculator™ uses historical sales data to model future growth. The 200% methodology shows how to achieve higher revenue and sales production. With our 200% Company Resource Calculator™ “It’s like having the secret recipe for growth.”


Having a plan is important, but it’s all about execution when it comes to building a winning sales team.  Clients hire us because we know how to assemble the right talent, get the team producing quickly,  and build the infrastructure for consistent, long-term success. 

What does a Sales Team Build out Include?

While every sales team buildout is unique, most 200% Company clients need some combination of the following deliverables:

Profile sales roles and compensation based on product, target customer and industry

Draft job descriptions, direct recruitment and hiring strategy

Recommended sales process and account management plan

Introduce staffing/production model to meet revenue targets using our 200% Company Resource Calculator™

Additional deliverables include:

  • Define new business, account retention and key account strategy
  • Create sales tools and collateral materials
  • Set activity standards, performance, and sales goals
  • Develop commission program and incentive plans
  • Sales training workshops/individual coaching
  • Identify key sales metrics and develop dashboard
  • Monitor CRM compliance and reporting
  • Implement pipeline forecasting via CRM
  • Create sales performance appraisal tool
  • Analysis of client life cycle and account planning process

Actual deliverables may vary depending on Audit findings and recommended Top 10 Priorities.

Expert Sales Staffing Advice

Assessing qualifications and fit for the sales job is an essential prerequisite of building out the team. We’ll make recommendations on qualifications and salary profile, drafting a suggested job description and guiding the screening and selection process, as well as onboarding.

Why choose The 200% Company?

We lead the charge for positive change to GET BIG RESULTS

For nearly 20 years, we’ve helped business leaders disrupt the status quo to achieve their visions of growth. We work within your organization, alongside your team, to build trust and foster collaboration. While feelings of fear and resistance are natural reactions to change, our adaptive approach of working in your business helps team members move past their fears to make positive contributions to growth.

Measure your company’s capacity for GROWTH!

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