For Teams

Kickstart team performance with workshops that will energize even your most cynical team members. We focus on practical skills and tools to avoid common sales pitfalls and fine-tune best practices. Great for newly formed teams, sales events, or teams that simply want a refresh!

200% Company Sales Team Workshops

Topics can be offered as standalone workshops or combined for a full or half day of training – each is customized to your individual needs, based on level of sales experience and industry. Explore a sampling of our most popular courses:

  • Your TEAM Success Formula: Set the plan to hit your goal

  • Developing a Productive Prospect List and Prospecting System

  • Developing the Pitch: A completely fresh take on first appointments to transform your success

  • Controlling the Controllable: Take control of your sales process to win more sales

  • Using Objections to Move a Sale Forward

  • Essential Sales Tools: The Prospect Tracker, The Outline, The Implementation Schedule

  • Identifying your Customer and How to Connect for Results

  • How to Boost Referrals

  • Building a 200% Company

For Individuals

Get out of your comfort zone to do more and sell more! Reach the top of your game with a flexible, personalized approach to sales coaching.

  • Sharpen and refresh your sales skills
  • Identify where you’re getting in your own way
  • Stay accountable to your professional and career goals
  • Learn new skills and behaviors to develop your sales career
  • Non-Sales professionals master sales techniques

Your company wants to GROW. Are you ready?

Find out with a 200% Company One-Day Tune-Up

The 200% Company has helped our clients achieve fast, consistent, lasting growth since 2003.

Turn insight into action

  • Measure your company’s capacity to grow
  • Apply the 200% Company’s unique, proprietary model to pinpoint gaps, barriers and untapped opportunities that limit growth
  • Design a plan to address deficiencies and accelerate growth
  • Build the foundation for lasting growth by focusing on the 4Ps: PEOPLE, PRODUCT, PROCESS, AND PROSPECTS.

Full Day Session


*Travel expenses not included

Half Day Session


*Travel expenses not included

Hear what our clients are saying about the 200% difference

I’ve revamped my sales process using techniques developed by The 200% Company and had immediate improvement in both process and sales! Heidi cuts to the chase and has made this process fun and invigorating — I’m energized!

I view my daily activities through a new lens which helps me work smarter and get quicker, more reliable/predictable results. I’d highly recommend her to any organization experiencing stalled growth or wanting to grow beyond your current path.

Steven B.

I followed exactly what you said about a very short elevator speech about myself and how I help families.  I had more response last night than I have had in the five months. It empowered me and gave me my confidence back that I had when I was # 1.

Also, I  touched base with all the women that attended yesterday via email.   One of the ladies said she used your technique and she made a sale. It’s amazing!

Doreen B., Family Service Counselor

A 200% Company professional worked with us for six months to help accelerate market adoption of our product in the pharmaceutical industry… Shortly after joining forces, we landed our first major pharmaceutical client… our 200% colleague partnered with us at sales meetings and identified new sales opportunities even after our engagement officially concluded.

Dave F., Sr. VP, Innovative Media Company

Why choose The 200% Company?

We are industry agnostic and we GET BIG RESULTS

The 200% Company model drives aggressive growth across industries. Our success over 20 years with nearly a hundred diverse client engagements, from biotech, to market research, software, technology, health care, and even the death care industry, prove that our system for driving growth works. We’re skilled at learning the basics of your business quickly, introducing best practices to drive higher sales performance, and achieve long term success.

Measure your company’s capacity for GROWTH!

Score your Company now – download our white paper for instructions. Call us to learn how to become a 200% Company today!