Nation’s largest mobile diagnostic service company

Lackluster sales program refocused into a growth driven industry leader

A $60MM national mobile diagnostics firm hired us to jump-start stagnant sales performance. Year over year growth had stalled and the new investors wanted to see significant improvement in organic sales growth.

The Challenge

This client, and its investors, were asking the following question about sales performance.

  • What can be done to achieve accelerated organic sales growth?
  • Where do we invest our limited resources to improve sales performance?
  • How do we set our priorities when there are so many competing needs?
  • How do we become the standard of excellence in our industry? What is our brand?
  • How can we mobilize our efforts with thin management resources?

The Solution

Over the course of one-year engagement we served as the Virtual VP and National Sales Manager to the client. In that time, we established a centralized sales leadership function, with five regional sales managers, a national accounts team, and 50 sales reps. In addition, we introduced a new selling model, established sales performance metrics, developed management reporting tools, designed new commission plans, launched marketing and customer outreach campaigns, and reduced client turnover by 25%. Ultimately, through these activates, we achieved 125% of new business growth/revenue goal.

The 200% Result

The 200% Company set a plan in motion to continue aggressive sales growth for the next 4 years. From 2006-2010, revenues increased from $60MM to $250MM.

We help companies achieve fast, consistent, lasting growth

Drive higher sales and win more new clients. Improve customer retention and increase productivity and performance with the 200% Company.